What we're about

Our Mission

Make everyone’s life sweeter!

Our Vision

Our increased employee participation and continuous improvement of quality and food safety ensures consistent customer satisfaction. Through strong relationships with our customers we remain at the heart of our customers, creating a good understanding of their specific needs. We believe by working in partnership with our clients we will be able to create a successful and sustainable future.

Who we are

Lluvia Sugar Distributors was founded in 2012. Based in the Western Cape, the group distributes brown, crystal and refined sugars and also speciality products like castor and icing sugar to various industrial users in the food, confectionery and beverage industry. Lluvia focuses on the medium to the small tier of customers within various industries in the food, confectionery and beverage markets. The company’s future business will be focused mainly to innovate by identifying sustainable markets and downstream value-adding and to expand its footprint in Southern Africa.
Due to the Company’s strategic position to capitalize on Global Sugar Markets and its preferential access to local sugar manufacturers, it expects to benefit from the growing consumption of sugar.
Against the background of the growing demand, the Company modernized and upgraded its packing and blending facilities in South Africa and Namibia in 2018. The Company has a reputation for supplying high-quality products. Our Food Safety Initiative guarantees consistent safe food supply under hygienic conditions. Subsequently, Lluvia Sugar Packers Pty Ltd was established with the purpose to partake in Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) complying to all the BEE standards. As a result, the structure has been carefully planned in order to allow upliftment in less privileged communities.
Lluvia has earned a reputation for supplying high-quality products and expanded further into Lluvia Food Ingredients. A subsidiary of Lluvia Sugar that imports and distributes a wide variety of specialised raw material food ingredients to the food manufacturing industries in South Africa and abroad. Our products are sourced from all over the world, warehoused and distributed from Cape Town and cover all of the major centres in South Africa. Lluvia Alcohols (Pty) Ltd is the most recent addition to the group and was set up to expand the group’s well-established African footprint, whilst simultaneously capitalizing on the extensive international experience of the alcohol team and their suppliers.
The company’s line of business includes national road freight service arranging transportation of freight and cargo within the borders of South Africa. The company also offers a cross-border road freight service to neighbouring countries on request. Furthermore, the newest addition to the group includes Lluvia Metals Minerals and Energy (LMME), an international trading firm that deals in the metals, mineral and energy space. Based in Gauteng, the company specialises in the buying and selling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, a variety of ores as well as coal. Exporting manganese, zinc and copper from Zambia and chrome from Zimbabwe and South Africa. Through partnering with strategic financial firms, we have secured the trade finance needed to conclude these large deals.
The Company also participates in the SACU, SADC and COMESA countries whether it be with locally manufactured or imported products or from abroad. We’re focused on building valuable relationships with our clients backed by a renowned reputation of delivering high service standards. We pride ourselves of our name Lluvia Sugar!!